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Posted on October 29 2018


HIi All!! While my daughters and I spent an afternoon relaxing at the pool on Saturday and the beach on Sunday, I was incredibly surprised to see the transformation of the body of my 20-year-old daughter Einy. Do you know when you work from home and you always wear sweat pants and you really can not see the people's bodies? Well, when my daughter put on a bikini on Saturday at the pool, my jaw LITERALLY DROPPED! I just remember saying: - Einy, What have you been doing? She replied: "Hellooo Mami, you told me to use the new Slim Miracle product with the cleanse and drink a lot of water, so I've been adding lemon to my water, I've been eating your meals to lose weight, eat my last meal at 6:30 p.m. and drink the Colon Cleanse Tea, so I guess that's what has been giving me results." - My response literally: "Are you serious? You've been listening better than I thought!" - Seriously, I'm not trying to sell you anything, it's just that WOW, my little girl (she is taller than me, but she will always be my girl) inspired me and motivated me to write this blog and focus more on myself!! I am surprised at how much I have affected my family's lives in the most positive way! (I'll write about more about this soon). Sorry, I'm not going to add a bikini photo of my 20 year old girl here on this blog, because she's my daughter and I do not know who is reading this on the other side (if you're a mother or father you'll understand). Well with that being said, I said "Ok Then, it's time to do something drastic this week so I can catch up to her! I'm going to do the Master Cleanse"! Once I read what Beyonce did to dramatically drop her baby weight, I was up for the challenge! I won't lie to you, it's rough! I did it for 5 days and saw results. So with no more time to waste, click here to learn more about it where I got the diet from! Good luck! 



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