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Hi! I'm Jainmy Martinez, creator of Slim Miracle and Miracle Body weight loss supplements!  I'm a Model, Actress, Mom, turned into an Entrepreneur and now model and CEO of I decided to create my Miracle Body Weight Loss Supplements, because on my attempt to lose weight, every time I found some supplement that I thought worked, then I quickly learned that they had side effects that affected my daily life and potentially my health. 

I have MANY stories that you'd instantly relate to me about growing up overweight and in my adult life until 2007, when my life turned around, thanks to being bullied on National Television on a reality show I worked in, because of my obesity. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU FOR BULLYING ME!! HA!! That was literally my turning point to start on my research and journey around the world to learn what to do, how to get started and what our bodies really need to become healthy and due to my body transformation, now I'm really living my dream of being a full time working Model, Actress and Entrepreneur.  I dealt with rejection many times, but most importantly, the worst was my health!  And now?... True story:  On my last lab work in March of 2020, my doctor literally told me that he wished he had my lab results and asked me what is it I do to be so healthy... and yes, I was shocked!  You know why? Because many times we starve ourselves doing very strict diets and end up getting sick with anemia, etc. which is dangerous to our health and weakens our immune system... All in our desperation to lose weight... YUP! I've been there too! So, forget about complicated weight loss programs that over promise and under deliver! Weight loss is really not complicated.  If you can follow my simple, straight to the point tips and keep up with this simple challenge for 7 short days, I tell you there's no way you won't see results!  And when you see those results you'll be motivated to continue doing it for 14, 30, 60, 90 days, or as many days as you need to, until you reach your goal and then maintain it!  Give yourself a chance to have the body of your dreams and JOIN MY SIMPLE 7 DAY WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE NOW!


Me and Jainmy are childhood friends. She was always the chubby girl in school and I was the skinny one. Over the years, after having my boy and marriage, I couldn't figure out how to get the weight off me and believed the reason why I didn't lose weight was because I had a "thyroid problem". Jainmy and I got together in 2018 in our country Dominican Republic and I just couldn't get over her body transformation. In 2019 I saw her again and I expressed my frustration to her and I can't put into words just how passionate she was about encouraging me to lose weight with her products and to forget about my "thyroid problem" and just trust her. She's always been a straight shooter, no BS woman and I had nothing to lose but weight if she was right. Fast forward, I'm 50 lbs down and feeling better than ever!  I'm SO grateful to her for saving me and I'll be grateful forever! I have a new confidence that I didn't even have in my 20's! Te amo amiga!


Since I started using these products, not only do I look and feel younger, but I'm also very energized!  They help me stay away from food temptations and I literally can not live without these supplements! They're my go-to products every single morning, no questions asked! I order my monthly bottle before it runs out! Jainmy can always expect that message every month letting her know to send me mine ASAP! Love it!  


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