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The real issue of Middle age spread

Posted on October 25 2019

The real issue of Middle age spread

If you ask a woman going through menopause and a man in particular age bracket about the most challenging aspect of hitting the middle age, they would probably say middle age spread. Caused by change in hormones, it leads to accumulation of fat around the abdomen region. We all know the health hazards associated with gaining weight, but sometimes hormones can play havoc with your body. The stubborn fat gets accumulated in all the wrong places and becomes difficult to lose.

The modern day obsession with being perfect is too much to handle. While many celebrities are coming forward to counter this obsession, being able to attain the ideal body shape remains important for several people. Failing to do so can impact the self-esteem and cause serious issues to your mental health. The desire to look a certain way is not wrong; it becomes wrong when it goes overboard. Making yourself look good to feel good is natural and forms an important part of your mental as well as physical health. Middle age spread is a real problem and can be countered with concrete steps. To know more, visit the website.


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